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Existing Photography
GPS surveying


  • Imagery Existing (No need to wait for defoliation and weather)
  • New (weather or foliage permitting)
  • Ground control surveys  (imagery ID points)
  • Aerotriangulation for ground control densification

    Your site information is compiled directly into AutoCAD using stereo pairs of images with several types of stereoplotter instruments. Visible features on the images are accurately plotted in real world coordinates and placed in descriptive layers. 3D contours are at elevation and can be used in the client's engineering design packages, Atlantis will provide your files in AutoCAD, Microstation or any other required format .

    Your project is provided in the horizontal and vertical datum as requested. Ground control is either provided by the client or Atlantis can be contracted to provide the control. All control is selected by a Certified Photogrammetrist to assure the quality of the complied project.

Projects are compiled directly into AutoCAD, Base point for the drawing is 0,0,0, for those who wish to insert it as a block.

   Deliverables are normally furnished in AutoCAD "DWG" or "DXF" format, as well as Intergraph Microstation "DGN" format, eliminating the problems incurred with translators.  The layer scheme can be in accordance with "Client Standards" or will be according to the following

Layer descriptions:

Name              Color                    

Index-contours 9 contains index contours only
Int-contour 6 contains intermediate contours only
Dep-contour 2 contains intermediate depression contours
Index-dep 9 contains index depression contours
Obscured-area 2 outlines areas of dense trees, underbrush or dense shadows
Spot-elev 1 contains any and all spot elevations
Water 4 streams, rivers, ponds, lakes, costal water-ways
Swamp 13 outlines swamp areas
Swampsym 11 swamp symbol
Trail 15 trails, paths etc…
Road-paved 7 all non-curbed public roads
Pavement 15 all non-curbed private roads, driveways, parking lots etc…
Road-dirt 15 field roads, woods road, dirt road
Curbed-road 10 all curbed public roads
Curb-parking 3 all curbed parking areas
Runway 7 aircraft runways, conc., macadam, and/or dirt
Railroad 11 contains all track and 3rd rail
Brush-shrub 3 outlines large areas of low vegetation
Tree 3 tree line and/or individual trees
Hedge 2 contains all hedges
Fence 12 contains all fence
Stonewall 12 contains all Stonewalls
G-rail 14 contains all Guard Rails
Utility 2 contains utility pole, catch basins, manhole, fire hydrants, etc…
Pipe 3 contains all visible pipe mainly overhead pipe found at most industrial plants
Culvert 3 headwalls, pipe under drives, etc…
Bridge 9 all structures spanning water
Dam 14 structures only ( includes weirs ), earth dams represented by contours
Building 9 all roofed and walled permanent structures
Ruin 7 all remains of past buildings, old foundations
Un-const 15 outlines areas of construction, new foundations
Pile 15 outlines areas of temporary mounded material
Deck 11 contains raised decks, concrete patios, etc…
Ret-wall 14 retaining walls; concrete, stone, wood
Sidewalk 14 all walkways; concrete, macadam, gravel, etc…
Pool 11 all pools; above ground and built-in
Stair 14 steps; concrete, stone, wood
Tank 1 any storage tank; oil, water, propane, etc…
Misc-object 15 contains post, sign, antenna, any odd object
Grid 11 grid ticks and grid values
Text 9 any large text, index values, street names, etc…
Smtext 11 any small text, pool, sidewalk, notes, etc…
Sheet-border 9 contains sheet layout

Planimetric features to be Stereodigitized 1"=100' mapping accuracy

   Atlantis digitizes 100% of its topographic data directly from the original three dimensional aerial imagery into AutoCad or Intergraph Microstation, using specialized optical mechanical, electronic instruments,  The digital data portrays all specified features visible on the aerial imagery, with the difference that each feature is represented by its spatial coordinates stored in computer files, along with attributes of layer, line type, color, etc.  After digitizing, the data files are digitally edited to provide cartographic correctness.  The digital data is layered by feature types ( roads, buildings, utilities, drainage, vegetation, contours, etc.)  The digital information can then be used to prepare conventional graphic line data by the use of an automatic computer aided plotter to any scale and with any combination of layers.  The scale of the aerial imagery, and the density and the distribution of the ground control are selected by a certified photogrammetrist to meet the professional requirements.

    The advantage of digital data, when transferred to a client's computer system, is that this data then becomes an integral part of the project, allowing the design team to work directly with the data as part of a GIS or CADD project.  Data searches, contract drawing, design changes and earth work computations can be performed more cost effectively than conventional manual design/draft procedures. Atlantis is proud of its 100% success record of providing the digital data in the specified formats required by the various computer systems and design software being used by our clients.  

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