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    Atlantis provides Global Positioning System (GPS) horizontal and vertical coordinates based on processed and adjusted observations of DoD NAVSTAR satellite signals. The observations are collected and stored by 4 Leica  GPS system 500 dual frequency, full wave receivers, then downloaded to and post processed with Leica SKI-Pro Software.  Coordinates are provided in the State Plane Coordinates System, and / or Latitude and Longitude, in either or both NAD27 or NAD83.  All surveying is performed under the direct supervision of a New Jersey and or Pennsylvania Licensed Land Surveyor.

GPS Network for Middletown Township

    Atlantis Aerial Survey Company, Inc. entered into a contract with the Middletown Township Municipal Engineer to establish coordinate accuracy that would correspond to FGCC Second Order Class 1 accuracy, (1:50,000) horizontally.  Elevations were established by GPS methods to an accuracy of 0.2.  Coordinates were provided as Latitude and Longitude and the New Jersey State Plane Coordinate System in both North American Datum 1927 (NAD27) and the North American Datum 1983 (NAD83).  Elevations are in National Geodetic Vertical Datum 1929 (NGVD29).

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